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Natural Propionic Acid 

Natural Propionic Acid FEMA 2924 is colorless to pale yellow liquid. It has a molecular weight of 74.08 and it's molecular formula is C3H6O2. Natural Propionic Acid has a minimum purity level of 96.0% of propionic acid and a maximum level of 4.0% acetic acid. It's specific gravity is 0.990 - 0.999 and refractive index is 1.385 - 1.388. Natural Propionic Acid has an acidic, dairy taste and is used as a food flavoring, preservative and a mold inhibitor in products such as breads and cheeses.




Elan Chemical Company Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of natural and synthetic flavor ingredients used in the Food, Beverage, and Nutrition industry. It is a leader in natural aromatic chemicals and committed to delivering exceptional quality. Elan offers Natural Ethyl Acetate, Natural Maltol, Natural Raspberry Ketone, Nerol FCC, and Vetiveryl Acetate Extra to suit a variety of applications.


Elan Chemical Company Inc.

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