Malic Acid 

Malic Acid occurs naturally in all fruits and many vegetables and is responsible for their pleasantly sour tastes. This white powder has a flavor of mellow, smooth, persistent sourness and is soluble in water. As a food additive it is used for its flavor enhancement and blending abilities. Malic acid can intensify the flavor of many foods and reduce the total amount of flavor used, it can aid in blending flavors, boost savory flavors, and deepen the flavor profile of many products. This product is used in many products such as beverages, powdered mixes, wines, candies, gums, desserts, and bakery products.




A & Z Food Additives Co. Ltd. specializes in researching, developing, and exporting quality ingredients and dietary supplements. Their additives include emulsifiers, sweeteners, preservatives, anti-caking agent, bulking agents, and many more. To remain competitive, the company is focused on developing novel ingredients and providing excellent service.


A & Z Food Additives Co. Ltd

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