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Weyermann® CARAFA® Special Type 3 

Weyermann® CARAFA® Special Type 3 is produced from quality spring barley. It is the de-husked version of CARAFA®. By removing the husks, it reduces astringency and bitterness, while adding coffee-brown color, a coffee-like bouquet, dark beer aroma, as well as body and mouthfeel to finished beer but without introducing harsh flavors.

Even small amounts of CARAFA SPECIAL® malts in the grain bill produce dark beers of unusual smoothness and mildness, with a firm, creamy, white head. It has a color value of 488-563 lovibond, and its flavor has notes of coffee, cocoa and dark chocolate. It is intended for black beer (Schwarzbier), dark beer, bock beer, stout, "altbier" and porter.



Weyermann Specialty Malts is an established developer and manufacturer of specialty malt ingredients used in the Food, Beverage, and Nutrition industry. For over 130 years, this family-owned company has been dedicated to providing top quality brewing essentials. Weyermann offers SINAMAR® Color Malt Extract, Abbey Malt®, CARAHELL®, CARAAMBER®, and Bavarian Dunkel Liquid Malt Extract.


Weyermann Specialty Malts

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