Phellinus Igniarius Extract 

Phellinus Igniarius Extract is a kind of mushroom with medical properties.Phellinus Igniarius Extracts have a very good effect in inhibiting the growth of tumors. Experiments confirmed that Phellinus Igniarius Extracts can induce cancer cells enter the cell death process. In addition, Phellinus Igniarius extracts can strongly inhibit the transferring of cancer cells and the cancer recurrence after surgery. Phellinus Igniarius Polysaccharides can significantly improve the patient’s immune level, resist radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects, and work with radiotherapy and chemotherapy to kill cancer cells, to enhance effects. It appears as a brown powder.


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Changsha Sunfull Bio-tech specializes in the production, researching, developing and marketing of natural botanical extracts. Their products are widely used in the dietary supplement, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Changsha Sunfull's high quality products are available internationally and are competitively priced.


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