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Alvin Caramel Color A-15 

Alvin Caramel Color A-15 is a water soluble viscous electro positive liquid color. It is made by heat treatment of carbohydrates. Its color can range from pale yellow to amber to dark brown. Caramel color is one of the oldest and most widely used food coloring's. Alvin Caramel Color is a class III color that imparts a reddish, yellow shade to brown sauces and health foods. Alvin Caramel Color A-15 differs from Caramel Color A-07 by having a minimum specific gravity point@ 15.60 with a minimum of 1.300 and it also has no EBC Units.




Alvin Caramel Colors is a Maharashtra-based exporter, supplier and manufacturer of a wide variety of natural food colours, natural caramel colours and liquid burnt sugar. They also supply and manufacture invert syrup. Alvin Caramel Colors conduct several tests during manufacturing to ensure that every batch is up to globally recognized standards of quality.


Alvin Caramel Colors

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