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Demineralized Whey Powders (40%)


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Demineralized Whey Powders (40%) is among the most valuable of dietary proteins. Demineralized Whey Powder is a good source of nutritionally balanced whey and lactose. Its low mineral content, and versatile functionality are some of its key features. It is also known for its usage in the production of baby food, because of its high quality protein and active peptide content. It is free from hard lumps and extraneous matter. It is cream colored with a clean and pleasant flavor.


Milkfood Limited is a supplier of high-end milk powders, ghee, casein, and demineralized whey powder for the food and beverage industry. Their products are commonly used in the manufacture of coffee creams, cheese, ice cream, and chocolate, as well as for infant nutrition, health supplements, and pharmaceuticals. The company aims to continue growing in quality, capacity, and customer service.



Milkfood Limited

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