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Paprika Oleoresin



Paprika Oleoresin (also called Paprika Extract colorant) is a natural water oil & soluble dark red liquid food color, obtained by extracting fruits of paprika. The major colorant component is capsanthin and capsorubin. It has good distribution, fluidity and solubility with bright color and superior coloring strength in water and oils. This product is a good colorant used in noodles, pickles, meat, pastry, salad, butter, candy, drinks, etc.


NutriPharma is a global manufacturer of natural plant extracts used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company works closely with several institutions to develop a broad range of vegetable extracts, herb extracts, natural colors, and fruit extracts. These products are widely used in health food, beverages, and dietary supplements for all kinds of different health benefits.




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