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PIMARICIN contains 50% lactose and 50% natamycin, which prevents the formation of moulds and yeasts on the surface. Unlike other antimicrobial agents, this product does not affect the appearance, taste or colour of products. NATAMYCIN is the active component in PIMARICIN. NATAMYCIN has been shown to be both safe and effective in lengthening the life of a wide range of food products for more than thirty years. This product is often used for cheese, sausages, and dried meat products.


VGP produces, supplies and exports raw materials, ingredients and additives to leading food and agricultural producers all over the world. Products include PIMARICIN, a extremely efficient fungicidal substance, and other preservatives such as NATAMYCIN, the active component of PIMARICIN, Nisin and Lisozymes. They also have "starters" for yogurts and cheeses, rennets such as microbials and chymosins and enzymes for baking and drinks.




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