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Calcium Acetate 

Calcium Acetate is a white granular powder which doesn't have any smell. It is a compound made up of calcium, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Calcium Acetate is used as a food additive which acts as a stabilizer, when used with an emulsifier it further binds the ingredients to ensure nothing separates. It is used in many dairy products including, condensed milk, milk powder and cream. Also pasta products use Calcium Acetate for proper production and storage.




Wuhan Golden Wing Industry & Trade Co. is a professional supplier for the Food & Beverage industry. They offer GMO-free and Organic products, Seasonings, Spices, Fungus, Grain, Fruit, Vegetable, Beans, Honey, Tomato Paste and Powder and Teas. They also offer food chemicals such as Sodium Gluconate, Marigold Oleoresin, Manitol, Calcium Carbonate (Food Grade) just to name a few.


Wuhan Golden Wing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd

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