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Hard White Wheat 

Hard white wheat is the newest class of wheat grown in the United States, and is quickly growing in population domestically and internationally. In its terms of baking and nutrition characeteristics it is similar to hard red wheat but it has an outter seed coat which is white. This wheat tends to be a sweeter and richer flavor, also it contains a very high protein content even after being baked. This wheat is a good source if you are looking to produce light yeast breads such as hard rolls, bulgur, tortillas and oriental noodles.


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BooBoone is a wholesale only company that processes large quantity orders. Some of the products they provide are grains, edible oils, sweeteners, cane sugar, multigrain flour, soft milling wheat, soybeans , soybeans meal and wheat flour. BooBoone supplies distributors, wholesalers and retailers world wide.


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