Oat Straw Extract 

Oat Straw Extract is made first by harvesting and drying the grain. When dried, the product is similar in texture to flour and it can be used in similar methods. It comes in a fine powder form and has mild flavor. Some of the common health benefits is lowering of bad cholesterol, ability to give energy for those who are recovering form illness and those who need to rebuild strength quickly. The oat straw extract work as a diuretic to help flush the body of fluid and work as a stimulant and cardia. It can work to help with relieving of exhaustion, insomnia and multiple sclerosis. It is helpful as a treatment for other conditions, including obesity, anxiety, varicose veins and ADHD. It also works to improve digestion and can be effective for regulation of blood sugars. Oat Straw Extract can be used alone as well as an ingredient in herbal supplements.




Hangzhou Reb Technology Co., Ltd. is a researcher and producer of extract products used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company combines advanced technology with experience to create a broad range of Kojic Acids, Alpha Arbutin, and botanical extracts. Many of these ingredients are widely used in nutritional supplements and health foods for all kinds of health benefits.


Hangzhou Reb Technology Co., Ltd.

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