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FASTir®Xanthan EC


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FASTir® Xanthan EC is a food grade xanthan gum (cold water soluble) that undergoes a patent pending agglomeration process that makes the product disperse readily in water even under low shear. It dissolves and thickens quicker than both standard agglomerated xanthan and powdered xanthan. FASTir® gums disperse without lumping and hydrate quickly with no special equipment, no dry blending step, no slurries and consistent quality. These benefits offer value and confidence throughout your production – procurement, processing, all the way through to the finished good.


Caldic offers a wide selection of food ingredients and additives and optimize many products for a variety of markets. Some of the products they provide are solvent-based chemicals, acids and alkalis, food ingredients or specialty chemicals. Caldic's laboratories can produce high quality custom made blends and help their clients with product development.




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