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Tomato Paste-Hot Break 28º/30ºBrix 

Tomato Paste-Hot Break 28º/30ºBrix is made from fresh ripe tomatoes, without coloring and preservatives. This product is processed at a high temperature, and will be more natural and additive free because of its higher viscosity. It is used in sauces, ketchup, soups, and pizza sauce.




Transformaciones Agrícolas de Badajoz, S.A.- Transa is a Spanish tomato company able to deliver its product world-wide. It is also a tomato powder and paste producer manufacturing an average of 1.250 metric tons of tomato paste per day and 70 metric tons of powder per day. Their paste and powder products are sold either as cold break or hot break products.


Transformaciones Agrícolas de Badajoz, S.A.

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