Fat Powder FP 80 K (Coconut) Glucose-Based 


Sierolat SpA

Fat Powder FP 80 K (Coconut) Glucose-Based is a high fluidity powder that is based on stabilized emulsion between glucose syrup and refined coconut oil at 80%. This product is used in baking, cheese, and soups, and it has a protein content of 2.5%.




Sierolat SpA is a supplier that develops and manufactures whey and dairy powders used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company provides a wide range of instant sweet whey powders, fat filled dairy powders, fat powders, and instant demineralized sweet whey powders for use in ice cream, chocolate products, salad dressings, instant milk-based beverages, cheese, and bakery products.


Sierolat SpA

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