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NM/D2 Blackcurrant-Dice 1/8"


Ve.Ba. Cooperativa Ortofrutticola S.C.目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料:

NM/D2 Blackcurrant-Dice 1/8" is 100% fruit with normal moisture content and Dextrose. This product can be used for flavoring and as a filler in baked filled products, ice cream, confectionery items, fruit based bars and special cheese.


Ve.Ba. Cooperativa Ortofrutticola is an italian Cooperative of producers who process certified and controlled-farmed fruit coming from their own orchards, grown in the fertile Po river Valley. Products produced include dehydrated vegetables, organic and baby-food fruit products, concentrated fruit juices, aseptically packed fruit products and fillings and dehydrated and partially rehydrated fruit products and fillings.



Ve.Ba. Cooperativa Ortofrutticola S.C.

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