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Actileg DS


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Actileg DS comes from Palmaria palmata, called Dulse in English. This product is used to treat heavy legs (heaviness, pain and cramps in the calves). This is red algae from the Rhodophyceae family, a perennial and photophilic species which lives on marine shorelines and in the mesolittoral zone. It is very common on the Atlantic and English Channel coasts, from Greenland to the coasts of France. Its nutritional value means it is eaten both as a salad and as a side vegetable. The active ingredient is obtained by enzymatic digestion of the whole alga palmaria palmata, following by a spray dried process. The resulting powder, Actileg DS presents a significant high potassium and floridoside content.


ProTec Nutra Ltd is a supplier of functional ingredients for the food industry. ProTec Nutra Ltd has a wide range of products such as botanical extracts, minerals, vitamins, and phospholipids. ProTec Nutra Ltd focuses on creating high quality products that have many applications including increased tolerability and absorption, vegetarian friendly, food fortification, and chelation.



ProTec Nutra Ltd

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