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Yixiante White Ox Bone Soup (NF02-1) 

Yixiante White Ox Bone Soup (NF02-1) is a powder produced by atmospheric cooking, vacuum concentration, bone oil cooking, emulsification, high temperature sterilization, and spray drying fresh meat bone and vegetables. The product is used to enhance flavor in soups, compound condiments, instant noodles, snack food, frozen food, and spices.




Yantai Huahai Biochemical Product Co., Ltd. is a state-of-the-art company producing delicious, healthy, nutritional and natural functional food ingredients as well as seasonings by using modern bioengineering technology. They offer three main product groups: Meat extracts, Seafood extracts and Yeast extracts. In addition they can also provide customized services such as product improvements, customized and/or joint developments and technology and/or product applications.


Yantai Huahai Biochemical Product Co., Ltd.

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