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Pullulan Polysaccharide 

Pullulan Polysaccharides an edible, mostly tasteless polymer. This product is an extracellular water-soluble microbial polysaccharide, produced by strains of Aureobasidium pullulans, is a linear -D-glucan made mainly of maltotriose repeating units interconnected via -(16)linkages. The chief commercial use of Pullulan Polysaccharide is in the manufacture of edible films that are used in various breath fresheners and as a starch replacement in low-calorie food formulations.


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Bolise Co. supplies herbal extracts, natual food colors, natural preservatives and supercritical Co2 fluid extraction. Some of the products they offer are capsaicin, piperine, Indigo and natamycin. Bolise advantages include herb sources, technical support, quality control and promotion.


Bolise Co., Limited

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