Biobond™ TG-GS 

Biobond™ TG-GS is an allergen free white powder that is added to fish products. This product is used as a food additive in the food and beverage industry. It is a transglutaminase, also known as “meat glue”, which is a natural enzyme that can be used to bond proteins together. Biobond™ TG-GS is mostly used to bind together fish scraps into bigger pieces of meat, and to stabilize fish’s intramuscular texture. It is fast acting, preserves the fish’s texture, is stable and can be used in liquid form for up to 6 hours, and no freezing or heating steps are necessary during the process.




Shanghai Kinry Food Ingredient Co. is a manufacturer in the Food Industry. Their main products are Biobond™ TG-M, Biobond™ TG-YG, Biobond™ TG-GS, Biobond™ TG-EB and Biobond™ TG-WM. They are products used in cereal products, milk products, fish products, restructuring and sausage and cooked ham applications respectively.


Shanghai Kinry Food Ingredient Co., Ltd.

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