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Xylitol is a white crystalline powder that is the normal intermediate product of xylose metabolism. It is widely used as a sweetener and can participate in the metabolism of the human body as a functional sweetener. Xylitol can penetrate the cell without the help of insulin and its metabolism speed is quicker and will not cause the elevation of blood sugar. Compared with ordinary granulated sugar, it has he advantage of being lower in calories. Applications for Xylitol include "sugar free" chewing gums, mints and candies.




Gremount International Company Limited is a leader in the markets of feed and food additives as well as specialty chemicals. Their products include plant extracts, meat additives, nutritional amino acids, flavor enhancers, proteins and starches, acidulants, preservatives, vitamins, thickeners and sweeteners.


Gremount International Company Limited

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