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ATUREX® Paprika Oleoresin Oil E10


Aturex Group目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料:

ATUREX® Paprika Oleoresin Oil E10 is produced by the extraction of lipids and pigments from the pods of paprika, sweet red pepper, and Capsicum Annuum L. It is a scarlet color in liquid form and it has no taste in food. It is oil soluble E10 and is used as a coloring agent. ATUREX® Paprika Oleoresin Oil E10 is used in processed foods, meat products, sausage, dressings, dry soluble seasonings, food coatings, confectionery, and beverages.


Aturex operations involve three major industries including the chemical, pharmaceutical and nutrition industries. They offer a wide variety of mixed tocopherols, plant sterols and natural pigments and extracts. Aturex has requirements for the raw material procurement chain and firmly believe that quality raw materials are the prerequisites to product quality and safety.



Aturex Group

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