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EPColor™ CD-AnthoBlue™ F 

EPColor™ CD-AnthoBlue™ F is a royal blue natural coloring that helps replace synthetic blue colors in oil/solid conditioned products. This product is noted for improved heat, light and pH stability and helps maintain color consistency during the whole shelf life of the applied food. It is used in bakery products, instant beverages, ready-made food, confectionery, ice cream, dairy products, processed meat, and coatings as well as jellies, creams, cheeses, milk and chocolate.




EPC Natural Products Co., Ltd. manufactures raw materials for use in Food and Beverage. This company strives to provide natural herb extracts with bioavailability, high-stability, and performance to meet consumer demands. EPC Natural Products brands include EPCemon™, EPCevia™ Pure, EPCevia™ Dual, etc. These brands serve as coloring and flavoring agents in confectionery, beverages, dairy products, etc.


EPC Natural Products Co., Ltd.

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