CO2 Hop Extract, CLUSTER 

CO2 Hop Extract, CLUSTER is an extract produced from CLUSTER hop pellets using carbon dioxide under liquid or super-critical conditions. This product appears as a yellowish fluid containing alpha-acids, beta acids, and essential oils. It can be used as a partial or complete replacement for kettle hops or hop pellets in the production of beer.




Elim Natural Co., Ltd. is a global manufacturer of raw materials for use in the Food and Beverage Industry. This company specializes in aroma hops pellets, bitter hops pellets, as well as hop extracts to serve as a flavoring agent in beer. Elim Natural Co., Ltd. products include CO2 Hop Extract, Cluster Hop Pellets, Saaz Hop Pellets, Nugget Hop Pellets, Columbus Hop Pellets, etc.


Elim Natural Co., Ltd.

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