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Ricolgel 75 - Low pH Compatible Gum


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Ricolgel 75 - Low pH Compatible Gum is a guar powder gum. It yields cold viscosity in a 1% concentration as high as 5000 cps even if the pH is lower in the 2.5 – 3.0 range. In soft cheese products, it speeds coagulation, increases curd yield and makes curd separation easier. It also enhances the resilient body and texture desired in the finished cheese. Ricolgel 75 - Low pH Compatible Gum also finds uses in acidified dairy products like yogurts to prevent serum separation.


Rama Industries is a supplier of guar gum for the food industry. Rama Industries has a wide range of products such as guar korma, guar meal, and barley. Rama Industries have products that give many applications including solubility in cold water, strong bonding properties, thickening, and film forming properties. Rama Industries advanced equipment and technology to manufacture their high quality products.



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