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Cocofat 27/29 

Cocofat 27/29 is a fully refined and hydrogenated fat made from palm kernel oil. It is semi-solid at 20°C and a clear creamy to yellow liquid at 30°C. It is free from off-odors and off-flavors. Cocofat 27/29 works well at low temperatures and is used in ice cream, frozen dessert toppings, and coatings.




Soon Soon Oilmills SDN BHD is a supplier of ingredients for the food industry. Soon Soon Oilmills SDN BHD has a wide range of products including soybeans, flour, maize corn grits, and wheat. Soon Soon Oilmills SDN BHD uses advanced solvent extraction oil miller processes to create high quality products that have a variety of applications in bakery mixes, bread, soy sauce, cakes, and pastries.


Soon Soon Oilmills SDN BHD

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