Geotrichum Candidum 17 LYO 10 D 

Geotrichum Candidum 17 LYO 10 D is a mold-like form that implants itself on the surface of cheese very rapidly. Incorporation in the milk base accelerates the activity. It enhances the final appearance of the cheese. It can be used with blue cheese, ultra filtrated cheese and blue veined cheese.




Danlac Canada provides cheese and yogurt production equipment and supplies, meat and dairy starter cultures and consulting services to food processors. They supply preowned and new cheese making equipment including cheese cutters, curd knives, pasteurizers (batch and High Temperature Short Time (HTST)), leak detector outlet valves, steam heated and hot water cheese vats, pre-pressing vats, scoops, shovels and trolley tables.


Danlac Canada Inc.

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