Peptan® F 2000 LD 



Peptan® F is a Collagen Peptide that can be used as a value-adding ingredient. Peptan® is a perfect bioactive ingredient for functional drinks and liquid dietary supplements. This product can be used for a natural and clean label ingredient, skin health, joint & bone health, and weight management. Advantages of this product include high solubility, low viscosity, excellent organoleptic profile, transparent and clear in water, stable across a large pH range, and stable during thermal treatments.


Nutritional & Analytical Information

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ROUSSELOT INC. is a supplier of gelatin and collagen for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. Gelatine has a range of confectionary applications including gelling agent, whipping agent, stabilizer for icings, emulsifier, adhesive, binder and coating agent. In dairy, gelatin improves texture, prevents syneresis and is a binder for yogurt. Gelatin can also be incorporated into meat, fish, aspics and sauces.




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