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PureSweet® 5 

PureSweet® 5 is natural alternative for sugar, specifically intended for use in low fat beverages or ice confections. It assimilates readily into powder premixes or liquid batches. Aftertaste has been curbed and balanced to allow for dairy in particular. PureSweet® 5 is available in a powder format.


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Wan Chang International us an organization that is best know for their item Puresweet®. It is a 100% all natural high power flavor extract which infers from the Stevia plant. It is surprisingly heat stable. It may be utilized within all types of cooking - bubbling, preparing and broiling - where temperatures may achieve well in abundance of 200°c. It is the ideal element for the health focused cook as it has no calories, no sugars and no fat substance.


Wan Chang International Pty Ltd

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