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ε-poly-L-lysine is a homopolymer of L-lysine, as a natural, toxicologically safe, antibacterial food preservative. This product shows the advantages on safety, good heat tolerance and solubility in water, and extensive antimicrobial ability against Gram+ bacteria and fungi. ε-poly-L-lysine is widely used as food preservation in rice, noodles, cakes, snacks, ice creams, salad, canned foods, and meat products.




Zhengzhou Sigma Chemical Co. is a state-of-the-art company that integrates trade, research and production for the Food Industry. They work to establish a team with the most creativity and highest cohesive strength so they can offer highest quality of services to their customers. Some of their main products for food additives include the Plant Extract series, Amino Acid series, Chitosan series and the VC series.


Zhengzhou Sigma Chemical Co., Ltd.

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