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Springcell Manno



Springcell Manno is a yeast product used to enhance the balance, richness, and stability of wines. The wine industry demands round & smooth wines that can be made available to the market quickly. Bio Springer has developed Springcell Manno, a 100% yeast polysaccharides product (glucans & soluble mannoproteins) that represent the noblest part of the lees. Springcell Manno contains 25% highly soluble mannoproteins non linked to ß-glucans whose efficiency is instant in the wine. These polysaccharides finely act on the volume and body sensation usually brought during an ageing on lees. Springcell Manno brings wine more richness in protective colloids (mannoproteins). At the rates at which they are present in the wine, these polysaccharides prevent the crystallization of tartaric acid salts. This product is particularly applied for light wines with poor structure, red wines from tannic and deeply colored cultivars, and for any type of wine in addition to fine lees.


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