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Bioferm® Equilibre



Bioferm® Equilibre is a complex fermentation activator based on the synergie of organic & mineral nitrogen. Its formula was specifically studied to optimize its effects on yeast growth & yeast survival, making it a nutritional defense of choice against stuck or sluggish fermentations. With its diammonic phosphate (DAP) content making it rich in mineral nitrogen and its amino acid content that make it rich in organic nitrogen, the special formula of Bioferm® Equilibre improves the assimilation of mineral nitrogen compared to using DAP on its own. Bioferm® Equilibre decreases organoleptic deviation risks (volatile acidity, H2S) and helps the production of secondary alcohols and their esters. Bioferm® Equilibre is perfectly convenient to achieve a complete fermentation of all musts that are difficult to vinify: musts with a strong alcohol potential, very clarified musts, during sluggish fermentations or at restart of fermentation. This product is very easy to use, and recommended for cellars that do not want to fraction their nutrient supply: a single supply brings all the elements that are essential to the yeast’s metabolism.


Fermentis is a supplier that develops and markets yeast and yeast products used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company utilizes its knowledge and experience with fermentation to manufacture specialty yeast products for use in spirits, wine, beer, and other fermented beverages. Featured products include Saflager S-23, Safdistil C-70, Traditionnelle, UCLM S377, and more.




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