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SSB ® 55 Astra Fl 

SSB ® 55 Astra Fl is a de-waxed and physically de-colorized natural resin (Shellac Flakes) that is used as a binder and glazing agent. This food additive comes in the form of a solid and finds application in chocolate for confectioneries, and in coating foods with chocolate such as coffee beans, dietary foods, and nuts.


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SSB Stroever Gmbh & Co. is a producer of dewaxed flake shellacs. This solid and nebulous natural resin offers magnificent chemical and physical emphasizes and is subsequently a practical option to manufactured resins. This technology is adapted in several regins of the food industry, for example, as a brightener for fruits, as a release agent for snacks and as a brightener for pralines, wine gums, marzipan, and sugar, yogurt- and choco- confections.


SSB Stroever GmbH & Co. KG

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