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Cocoa Butter Replacer 

Cocoa Butter Replacer is a confectionary fat substitute. This product is formulated from hydrogenated and fractionated vegetable fats. It can be used to impart gloss retention and sharp meltdown to the final products without tempering, and has a high tolerance (up to 20%) for cocoa butter. Cocoa Butter Replacer can be mixed with cocoa liquor to produce a compound chocolate rich in cocoa taste.




Wilmar’s business activities include oleochemicals, specialty fats, sugar milling and refining, edible oil refining, oilseed crushing and oil palm cultivation. At the heart of Wilmar's method is a versatile coordinated agribusiness show that envelops the whole esteem chain of the agrarian commodity transforming business, from start and preparing to marking, marketing and conveyance of an extensive variety of farming items.


Wilmar International

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