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Sethness OC234 Organic Powdered Caramel Color Class I – E150A 

Sethness OC234 Organic Powdered Caramel Color Class I – E150A is a caramel color additive with a bitter burnt sugar taste. It carries a neutral to slightly negative iconic charge. It is used for natural foods because it is acceptable as a natural color. It differs from the other Carmel Color Class I by having a moisture of 3.2g/100g.


产品技术规格书 TDS
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Sethness Products Company produces Caramel Color that can add yellows, reddish-browns, browns and blacks for every segment of the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. It is exceptionally stable, tolerates a wide range of physical and chemical environments, good dispersability and has great functionality in extreme pH conditions. Sethness also offers caramelized sugar syrups to sweeten their Caramel Colors.


Sethness Products Company

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