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Injectable Isolated Soy Protein - TW920 

Injectable Isolated Soy Protein - TW920 appears as a light yellow to milky white powder with no peculiar smell. This product is designed for use in large-piece meat products, low-temperature barbeque products, reformed cheese and nutritional bars. It has good solubility, low viscosity, and it can disperse well in meat.



Qingdao Tianwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a supplier in the Food and Beverage Industry. This company strives to provide a diverse selection of soybean and soy protein products for use in meat products, salads, dairy products, functional foods, etc. Qingdao Tianwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. brands include Concentrated Soy Protein - TW700, Soybean Oil, Injectable Isolated Soy Protein - TW920, etc.


Qingdao Tianwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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