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PVP-P (Food Grade)


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PVP-P (Food Grade) is a practically insoluble variation of Polyvinylpyrrolidone in a white to creamy white powder form. It has good hygroscopicity and adhesion and is most commonly used as a stabilizer in food additive applications.


Hangzhou GreenCo Science and Technology Co. is a company who manufactures PVP products used in the food industry. PVP or polyvinylpyrrolidone products act as stabilizers that aid in settling everything within a mixture so they can all work together. Some of their PVP products include but are not limited to PVP-K17, PVP-K15, PVP-K90, PVP-K30, PVP-VA37 and PVP-VA55.



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Hangzhou GreenCo Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.

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