UC-II is a standardized, natural collagen concentrate containing 25% undenatured type II collagen in a fine powder form for use in food and beverage products. It is used to improve joint comfort, mobility, and flexibility. UC-II® is typically applied to any beverage, spoonable or drinkable yogurt, cottage cheese, sachets, confections, and cereals. The non-fibrous, organic powder has an off-white colorization, and it is the Standardized Undenatured Type II collagen powder from chicken sternum cartilage.


化学品安全技术说明书 MSDS / SDS


InterHealth Nutraceuticals is a global manufacturer that develops and markets nutritional ingredients used in the Food, Beverage and Nutritional industry. This company conducts scientific researches before creating ingredients that include OptiBerry®, Super CitriMax®, Aller-7®, and more. These products are widely used in dietary supplements for numerous health benefits, and they also are patented products.


InterHealth Nutraceuticals

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