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Gum Karaya 


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Gum Karaya (gum sterculia) is the gum-exudation, hardened by air, obtained by the incision of the stems and branches of Sterculia Urens and others species of the Sterculiaceae family (Tomentosa, Setigera). The harvesting areas are mostly situated in west Africa and India. Gum Karaya is a high molecular-weight acelytated polysaccharide composed of galactose, rhamnose, glucuronic and galacturonic acids.

The molecular weight is between 5 000 000 and 8 000 000. Gum Karaya of superior grades comes in tears of variable sizes , pale yellow, pearly, translucent and striated. Average grades have a yellow or pink colour, while low grades are brown. Gum Karaya may be used in oil in water emulsions, encapsulations, as a thickener - stabilizer in soft drinks and as a thickener, fibre enrichment, fat replacer and stabilizer in dairy products.


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Alland & Robert has acquired a strong expertise of gum acacia and gum karaya. Gum acacia is at the core of their environmental policy. It is a sustainable product and processed in full respect it's natural environment. Alland & Robert seeks to continue to improve efficient use of resources.


Alland & Robert

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