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Chemical Leavening; Predictable & Effective

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Leavening baked goods requires the incorporation of gas to achieve a crumb structure which is light and airy. Leavening can be accomplished mechanically (example: creaming or lamination), biologically (example: yeast or bacteria like sourdough starters), or chemically. In this article, food expert, Jill Frank, talks about carbion dioxide sources, leavening acids and baking powders.


Jill Frank has been a food industry expert for Prospector since January of 2013. Jill serves as a consultant to all departments and monitors food industry trends and regulatory changes around the world. Prior to joining Prospector, Jill held positions with DuPont Nutrition & Health and Gerber Products Company, among others. Jill holds a B.S. in Bakery Science and Management from Kansas State University, and she is a Certified Food Scientist.