NIKKOL MGS-F75V is glyceryl stearate that is a waxy paste with an HLB value of 1.5. This product is a water-in-oil emulsifying glycerol fatty acid ester with the following properties and applications: extends shelf-life/ prevents crystallization of starchy products, improves handling as a gluten/ protein modifier and is an aerator for cookies and whip cream.



Established in 1946, Nikko Chemicals began with a focus on Interface and Colloid Chemistry, but they have since become a leader in the field of specialty chemicals by incorporating the best, latest technology in dermatology, molecular biology, and biotechnology into our products and services. They work to contribute to the enrichment of human life through a wide variety of business services including the manufacture of high-quality raw materials and surfactants, the development of product formulations, and the evaluation of safety and efficacy of ingredients and final products.


Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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