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Bio - Based Succinic Acid of Food Grade 99.5%

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Bio - Based Succinic Acid of Food Grade 99.5% is a multi-functional, clean label flavor enhancer and food ingredient. As a flavor enhancer, succinic acid stimulates the appeal of healthy, reduced-sodium foods by increasing the perceived saltiness and prolonging flavor in both sweet and savory products. BioAmber Natural Succinic Acid also serves as an acidulant for improved shelf-life. Its preservative properties include growth inhibition of many strains of bacteria, mold, and yeast. Bio-based Disodium Succinate, a neutralized and spray-dried derivative of natural Succinic Acid, is an excellent flavor enhancer for dry seasoning mixes. BioAmber Bio-based Succinic Acid and Disodium Succinate are natural alternatives to petroleum-based food and flavor ingredients, enabling ‘natural flavors and ingredients’ labeling on many food and beverage products.


BioAmber flavor enhancers can be used in a broad range of food products from soups, baked goods, and salad dressings, to Asian food, soft drinks, liquors and jams to processed meat products like sausages. BioAmber also offers disodium succinate which is also an excellent flavor enhancer, and customers have found that it has good water solubility and can contribute to reducing the dosage of salt in foods and high penetration capacity, for enhanced effect.




BioAmber, Inc.

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