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ResistAid™ is a natural immune health ingredient derived from North American larch trees for dietary supplements and functional foods/beverages. It supports both innate and adaptive immune systems as well as gastrointestinal health. This product is a highly branched Polysaccharide that is composed of galactose units and arabinose units in the approximate ratio of 6:1 and contains a high amount of polyphenols. ResistAid™ consists of the soluble fiber arabinogalactan and bioactive flavonoids, and thus has antioxidant capacity.


Nutritional & Analytical Information

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Lonza Nutrition manufactures nutritional ingredients and food emulsifiers for the Food and Beverage Industry. These ingredients include: Carnipure™, a quality L-carnitine which contributes to energy metabolism, DHAid™, a vegetarian source of omega-3 DHA, and Polyglycerol Esters, a dioxin-free ester that can be applied in fillings, salad dressing, icing, baking, and whipped toppings.


Lonza Nutrition

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