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Naturex S.A.

Svetol® is a green coffee bean extract with a unique mechanism of action to help consumers better manage their weight. Svetol®’s non selective and traditional process preserves the natural profile of the beans’ active molecules and guarantees its slimming effect. Both mechanism of action and efficacy have been scientifically tested to provide consumers with the best from coffee.

Health benefits of Svetol® includes decreasing the glucose intestinal absorption, reducing body weight, inhibiting the glucose-6-phosphatase in the liver, and increasing the lean mass to fat mass ratio. This product comes in a yellow to yellow brown powder and can be used in any food preparation and food supplement.


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Naturex S.A. manufactures a range of botanical extracts that include chemical antioxidants, oleoresins, essential oils, color solutions, pectins and taste enhancers for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Applications include dairy, baked, savoury, confectionery and beverage products. Naturex products have health benefits in brain and urinary tract health and also provide energy, fat burning and anti-stress capabilities.



Naturex S.A.

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