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Astaxanthinbeads 2% 


LycoRed Ltd.

Astaxanthinbeads 2% are a source of natural Astaxanthin. It is a charcoal colored free flowing beadlets with a characteristic odor. The Astaxanthin complex has been stabilized in an all-natural proprietary porcine gelatin matrix and manufactured into free flowing beads. The natural Astaxanthin complex contains other phytoactive antioxidants and is extracted from micro algae haematococcus Pluvialis. Astaxanthinbeads 2% is suitable for tablets, two piece hard-shell capsules and food premixes manufacturing.


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LycoRed Ltd. produces nutritious formulations and specialty ingredients in the form of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements for the Food and Beverage Industry. These supplements include BETACOTE™, a small tablet that is a source of β-carotene, CAPSUDAR®, a vegetarian based tablet, and CARNICOTE®, an L-Carnitine base tablet that enriches food in dry preparations and lowers water content.



LycoRed Ltd.

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