Gelatin - 125 Bloom - Beef-Hide is made of dry granules with 99% passing through a #40 mesh U.S. standard sieve. This product is purified and sterilized collagen extracted from beef-hide. It is soluble in hot water, but insoluble in cold water. It has no objectionable odor or flavor. This product has a total plate count of 1000 cfu/g maximum. This product has a gel strength of 125 + 10 bloom, a viscosity of 26.0 + 6.0 mps, and a pH level of 5.50 + 0.70.

Gelatin - 125 Bloom - Beef-Hide can be used in protein drinks, protein energy bars, wine, beer and fruit juice clarification, and micro-encapsulation of flavors and food colors.



Vyse Gelatin Company offers customized processing and manufacturing of gelatins for the Food and Beverage Industry. Derived from beef hide, beef bone, fish and pork hide sources, Vyse gelatin products are offered in a variety of bloom strength and can be used for wine, beer and fruit juice clarification, protein drinks and energy bars, and micro-encapsulation of food colors and flavors.



Vyse Gelatin Company

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