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F.E.T–15B Frozen Lemon Cells From Organic Farming 


Citromil, S.L.

F.E.T–15B Frozen Lemon Cells From Organic Farming are a natural product obtained by separating the pulp from the freshly squeezed juice of naturally matured sound organically cultivated lemons (certified under council regulation (ec) no 834/2007 and amendments). The impurities are taken out to leave only the fruit cells. It contains no sweeteners or other additives.



Citromil processes lemons, oranges and mandarins ain their installations using modern and traditional equipment. Their natural citrus products contain no artificial additives and are used in the food & beverage industry as ingredients, as well as the flavour and fragrance industries. Citromil's juices, essential oils, essences, pulp and peel flakes come from fresh handpicked lemons, oranges and clementines.



Citromil, S.L.

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