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Collagen HM


Collagen HM is a purified hydrolysed marine collagen. It is extracted from selected fish skins by enzymatic hydrolysis. Collagen HM polypeptides mean molecular weight is 3600 Da, making it soluble in aqueous phase and fully digestible. Collagen HM is recommended for food supplements to promote cartilage, bones and skin regeneration. This product is a fine creamy powder recommended for synergistic use with Glycopure, Glucosamine 2KCL, and Prolastin.


Copalis CTPP is a global supplier of natural marine based ingredients to the nutraceutical, functional food feed nutrition and cosmetic markets. Because it is a cooperative, this allows Copalis to control the sourcing and traceability of the raw materials. Through its research and development laboratory, Copalis offers: customer’s formulation assistance and customized products development.




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