PureCircle™ Reb A 

PureCircle™ Reb A is a high-intensity non-nutritive natural sweetener. The white powder is naturally extracted from the stevia plant to produce a sweetener which is up to 400 times sweeter than sugar, has a similar taste to sugar, but unlike sugar, has no calories. PureCircle’s Reb A is used as a natural sweetener in market leading food and beverage products. Its function can either be as a replacement for sugar, high fructose corn syrup/corn sugar and artificial sweeteners or as a complement to other natural sweeteners to help drive down calories.



PureCircle is the world's leading manufacturer of high purity stevia items for the worldwide nourishment and refreshment industry. Stevia has the point of interest of adding no calories to foods and refreshments and has a zero glycemic burden - making it ok for diabetics. As the main thrust behind moving stevia from specialty to standard worldwide acknowledgement, they are changing the discussion around sweet for producers and additionally purchasers.


PureCircle USA Inc.

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