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NEWmega™ Echium Oil REF 

NEWmega™ Echium Oil REF is a clear pale yellowish oil, with a typical taste and smell. It is dutch refined, bleached, deodorized and winterized from mechanically cold pressed and/or solvent extracted Echium seeds, which originate from the Echium Plantagineum species. This product has an acid value (mg KOH/g) of max. 0.6, a peroxide value (meq/kg) max. 3.0, and an anisidine value of max. 25.0.


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De Wit Speciality Oils has been involved in oil production and seed cultivation for 36 years. Their products include vegetable Oils Omega-6 Oils (GLA), Omega-3, 6 Oils (SDA, ALA & GLA) Omega-3 Oils (ALA) and other speciality oils. De Wit Speciality Oils also offers custom oil blends and formulas.


De Wit Speciality Oils

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