Horehound Dry Aqueous Extract 


EPO S.r.l.

Horehound Dry Aqueous Extract (CAS 84696-20-8) is a brown hygroscopic powder extracted from the flowering tops of the herbal plant Marrubium vulgare. Partially water soluble, this product functions as a bechic and anti-asthmatic, finding application in medicinal foods such as cough syrup and cough drops. Due to its bitter taste, it is also used as a flavoring agent in foods containing large amounts of sugar such as candies, juice, and tisane.


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EPO's products first appeared in 1933 on the market for medicinal and aromatic plant extracts. Since then we have continued in the forefront of a sector in constant evolution and expansion. From the moment that phytotherapy and natural foods became a way of life for many people, EPO have guaranteed that their products set a high quality standard with the maximum safety in their use. This is all due to a highly specialized, professional staff continuing research in the analytical field allied to the most modern extraction technology .


EPO S.r.l.

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